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How to Know If Someone Deleted Their TikTok Account

How to know if someone deleted their TikTok has become a point of interest among many TikTok users, mainly when a once active and engaging account suddenly goes silent. The reasons behind such abrupt silence vary, ranging from a temporary hiatus to complete account deletion. This article provides an in-depth guide on determining if an account is no longer active or permanently deleted.

Searching for the Account

Begin by opening the TikTok app on your device. Your first step in checking if someone has deleted their TikTok account should be to search for their username. Locate the search bar at the top of your screen and input the person’s username. If the username doesn’t appear in the TikTok search results, it could indicate that the person deleted their account. However, a missing username doesn’t always imply a deleted account. Account not Found TikTok friend message could mean that the person has merely changed their username. You should further validate your suspicion by examining your interaction history with the person. If the user’s comments or likes on your posts have disappeared, it strongly indicates that they have deactivated their TikTok account.

Checking Your Follower List

Another strategy to tell if someone deleted their TikTok involves checking your follower list. If you’re mutual followers and their account suddenly disappears from your follower list, this might suggest they’ve either blocked you or deleted their account. However, a significant caveat is that this method only works if you mutually follow each other before the suspected account deletion.

Tagged Videos and Account Interaction

How do you know if someone deleted their TikTok account through video tags? This is a telling sign if the person was tagged in videos and you notice that their tags are no longer visible or clickable. Usually, when users delete their account, their username becomes unclickable in any content they were tagged in. This indicates that the profile will no longer be available, which aligns with the status of a deleted account on TikTok. You can also look at your direct messages. If previous messages have disappeared, it’s a sign the person has deleted their account. Remember that this does not apply if you are blocked – in that case, the conversation history remains intact.

Distinguishing Between a Deleted and Blocked Account

It’s crucial to discern between a deleted TikTok account and a blocked TikTok account. When a user blocks you, you may not search for their profile, send messages, or view their videos. If you are wondering how you know if someone blocked you on TikTok when trying to view the user’s profile, you may see a message like ‘Account not found TikTok’ or ‘What couldn’t find this account mean on TikTok.’ This could signify you’ve been blocked rather than the account being deleted. If users violate the platform’s terms of service, they might have their account banned. So, if you see the message ‘What does account banned mean on TikTok,’ it indicates that TikTok has suspended the account.


In conclusion, determining how to know if someone deleted their TikTok account involves careful observation of subtle changes in user interactions and account visibility. This guide has illuminated several key investigation points, including the search function, checking your follower list, examining video tags, and evaluating direct messages. Remember, digital etiquette is equally as crucial as real-life etiquette. If someone has chosen to remove themselves from TikTok, respect their decision and space. Social media should be a platform for positive interactions and mutual respect among its users. As responsible TikTok users, understanding and respecting these boundaries can help cultivate a more respectful and enjoyable environment for everyone.

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